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What Is Home Groomer

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Groomer comes to your home

Less burden for both owner and dog

Treatment in front of you

The groomer performs the treatment right in front of you.

Reasonably priced

While it is an on-site service, the price is easy to try.



Contact LINE

Enter your information and pet information in the application form

Suggestion of visit date and estimated price

You will be notified of available dates and estimated cost. After confirmation, select the desired dates and detailed information, and submit a reservation request.


You can discuss the details of the day’s treatment and your requests in English in advance. The groomer in charge will be informed of the details in advance, so you do not need to worry even if you do not understand the language.


Please make payment by the due date
Cancellation fee: Free of charge up to 7 days prior to the visit, 50% of the total amount 2-6 days prior to the visit, and 100% the day before the visit.

Home groomer comes to home

A groomer will visit you on your appointment date and time to perform the treatment in your home


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Customer Reviews


Long shot, impressed by the strength of the trimmer and his dog

Ms. Y, 20’s, female
 Toy poodle, 1 year old

Thank you very much for coming on the day before she was to turn exactly 2 years old tomorrow, and for making her look so cute on her last day as a one-year-old.
It was my first visit to a trimmer, and I was thinking this way and that about what kind of environment I should set up for the day of the visit.
I was surprised at how happy my dog was right after the visit. And the pre-visit counseling was very thorough and reassuring.
It was the first time for me to see my dog while he was being trimmed. It was also the first time for me to see my dog being trimmed by a trimmer.
I was very impressed by the care and attention to detail that went into each step of the process.
I was so impressed by the cute finish of the dog that I could not imagine how cute it looked from its shaggy appearance, and I was bowled over by the hard work of both the trimmer and my dog over the long haul.
I thought that on-site trimming was something very expensive, but since it is at home, both the family and the dog feel safe, and the price is the same as for regular trimming, it seems that more and more people will use it casually (^^).
Thank you very much for your sincere attention to the physical problems that I was concerned about, and for all the advice you gave me.
My dog adhered perfectly to you and did not move away from you. You can tell how kind you are. Thank you very much.


The on-the-spot lectures were a learning experience

Ms. N, 30s female
Pomeranian, 5 years old

It’s been 9 months since we got our former shelter dog, a Pomeranian.
I was thinking that a cut would be just enough to trim her since she had grown out from her round-cropped state. I thought it was just a trim, but after seeing how the trimmer was doing, I changed my mind about a Shiba-Inu cut (lol).
She gave me a lecture on the spot about nail clipping and shampooing, and we talked about the condition of the skin and ears and how I liked the cut, so it all happened very quickly! I learned a lot and it was a valuable time for me!
I was so excited to see my dog getting cuter and cuter, and I would definitely ask her to do it again.
My dog, who was a little anxious about being separated from me, felt safe with her mom! He was out in a doze at the end of the session.
Thank you so much for making my dog so cute!